Full Time
7:50pm Fri May 25, 2018
Round 12 - 1300SMILES Stadium - Crowd: 16003

FULL TIME: The Storm can't get approval from the bunker for a try on the siren but they hold on for a tight 7-6 victory


Munster again tries to find touch but the ball doesn't go out and the Cowboys need to go 95m to get a result


Field Goal: Cowboys
Attempted by Johnathan Thurston.

Johnathan Thurston goes early with the field goal - Looked a rushed decision and he puts in an awful effort and Young Tonumaipea takes the catch ingoal

Storm lead Cowboys 6 - 7 Storm

SIX AGAIN - The Cowboys get a piece of luck on their own 30m after the bomb was touched by a Storm player


Cameron Munster knows any time off the clock is valuable and he finds touch and gives the Storm a break


Field Goal: Cowboys
Attempted by Michael Morgan.

BUNKER: Michael Morgan possibly turned hero from villain. Michael Morgan regathers a ricochet of his own field goal to get through and score. BUT.. Mr Cecchin says NO TRY

Storm lead Cowboys 6 - 7 Storm

Field Goal: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Munster.

Morgan not finding touch has hurt the Cowboys as Cameron Munster calmly pots a field goal having to pick the pass up off his ankles

Storm lead Cowboys 6 - 7 Storm

PENALTY COWBOYS: An average kick from Cameron Munster cleaned up by JT then Finucaine gives away a penalty for a strip


The Cowboys try an wrap around play in good field position but Michael Morgan is a step behind where he needed to be to take the catch and loses the ball


PENALTY COWBOYS: Suliasi Vunivalu tries to do what Feldt did up the other end, loses it backwards and then next tackle the drop kick is compounded with an offside penalty


Cameron Smith tries to milk a penalty running into an offside Matt Scott but as Matt Scott doesn't make the tackle it's play on


PENALTY STORM: Matt Cecchin penalises Coen Hess for a high tackle, initially let go by the refs onfield but TJ Michael Wise chirps in with the call


ON REPORT: Felise Kaufusi dives in low at Matt Scott and on the advice of Gavin Badger , Matt Cecchin blows a penalty and puts it on report


Dale Finucaine throws a forward pass to Brandon Smith that's let go but the football gods even it out with Smith losing the ball


PENALTY STORM: Te Maire Martin ruled not square at marker and the Storm take a quick tap but a screaming Gavin Badger calls it back


Shaun Fensom ruled to have knocked on


Hectic string of play - The Cowboys kick high and it's left to bounce before Suliasi Vunivalu takes it and burst through. The Storm then can't keep Michael Morgan in the ingoal when he cleans up the kick


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

About half a metre separated JT and the sideline for his conversion and it never ever looked like it was missing

Tied up at Cowboys 6 - 6 Storm

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Kyle Feldt. Kick to come.

JT shapes to kick runs it finds Te Maire Martin who kicks perfectly to Kyle Feldt who jumps and twists while catching it and getting the ball down

Storm lead Cowboys 4 - 6 Storm

Penalty Goal: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith adds the penalty goal from close range

Storm lead Cowboys 0 - 6 Storm

PENALTY STORM: Ben Hampton pretty blatant in trying to slow down the Storm attack and Matt Cecchin aware of it blows for a penalty, Cam Smith to take a shot from 12m out


PENALTY STORM: Suliasi Vunivalu takes the catch in-goal and goes quickly to the 20, the Cowboys regroup by giving away the penalty


PENALTY COWBOYS: Shaun Fensom slips and Young Tonumaipea unlucky as he races in and collects Fensom high, the Cowboys now attacking


Game starting in very similar fashion to how it ended in the first half with end to end action


HALF TIME - Hard to believe a game that has been so end to end has just the one try in it but that's what we have. The Storm crossed on the half hour mark through Cameron Smith which is the difference between the two sides


ON REPORT: Sam Kasiano pulls out a late shot straight in the back of Johnathan Thurston and it's called a penalty by Matt Cecchin and put on report on the advice of pocket ref Gavin Badger


Jahrome Hughes backs up an offload gets through ad puts put to ball - Young Tonumaipea gets a bad bounce and takes a grab at it and knocks it on


REPEAT SET: Kyle Feldt puts in a nightmare kick off and it's left to bounce before Jesse Bromwich is pushed back ingoal


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Cameron Smith can't convert his own try as the ball hits the post and bounces off the upright

Storm lead Cowboys 0 - 4 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Cameron Smith. Kick to come.

Cameron Smith goes from dummy half and some soft defence from the Cowboys can't stop him

Storm lead Cowboys 0 - 4 Storm

60m dropout as Kyle Feldt boots it off the dropout right as the clock went


A bit of controversy as the Storm force a dropout - ruling is that JT got the final touch before it went dead


Great run from Vunivalu off his own line gets the Storm back into attacking position


HELD UP: Melbourne throw nothing of danger at the Cowboys and Cameron Smith tries a dummy half dive on the last but had no chance of getting the ball down


PENALTY STORM: Gavin Badger calls a penalty against Ben Hampton for being offside on the last; Storm have a full set on the Cowboys line


Under no pressure out of dummy half - Jake Granville throws a forward pass


Will Chambers gets the ball but loses the ball on the Cowboys 30


PENALTY STORM: Te Maire Martin runs into Cameron Smith, Jake Granville runs with the ball and the obstruction is called by Matt Cecchin.


REPEAT SET: Jake Granville forced to get a second kick away and Felise Kaufusi takes a good catch leaving the field of play and the drop-out is called by Matt Cecchin


Cameron Smith gets an awful pass and then puts in an awful kick which goes dead on the full.. Seven tackles for the Cowboys


BUNKER: Gavin Cooper has crossed the line and lost the ball, regathers but loses it again; Matt Cecchin said NO TRY, @NRLBunker says NO TRY


After getting whacked hard by Matt Scott, Young Tonumaipea tries to milk a penalty and Matt Cecchin sees it and rules lost ball


WHACK! Matt Scott goes bang on Young Tonumaipea


Cowboys putting good pressure on the Storm but Ben Hampton tries to play it too quickly and Matt Cecchin rules knock on


PENALTY COWBOYS - Another ruck infringement and Michael Morgan takes a quick tap and makes good metres


Ryley Jacks puts in an average kick and the chase from Melbourne was non-existent as Kyle Feldt gets his way up to the Cowboys 40m line


PENALTY STORM - Matt Scott makes a second effort in the tackle and Matt Cecchin penalises him for it


Penalty Goal: Cowboys
Attempted by Johnathan Thurston.

OFF THE POST - JT takes a shot at penalty goal and it hits the post and bounces off to the Storm hands. JT was in front 27m out

Tied up at Cowboys 0 - 0 Storm

PENALTY COWBOYS - Matt Cecchin not happy with the Storm staying around the ruck and the penalty comes; JT will shoot for the two points


Storm look to run it down the right but Kaufusi loses the ball just inside Cowboys territory


Cowboys get into great attacking position after cleaning up the short kick-off but don't get a good kick away

Matt Cecchin calls time on and we're underway - Cameron Smith goes short with the kick-off but the Cowboys clean it up on their own 30

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Cecchin, Gavin Badger

Touch Judges: Brett Suttor, Michael Wise

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Luke Patten

Tries: Kyle Feldt
Field Goals: Johnathan Thurston (0/1), Michael Morgan (0/1)
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Johnathan Thurston (0/1)

Tries: Cameron Smith
Field Goals: Cameron Munster (1/1)
Conversions: Cameron Smith (0/1)
Penalty Goals: Cameron Smith (1/1)