Full Time
7:30pm Sat July 14, 2018
Round 18 - GIO Stadium Canberra - Crowd: 11471

Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer converts from in front.

Raiders lead Raiders 38 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Aidan Sezer. Kick to come.

Rapana makes a break and on the next play with the Cowboys players stgruggling to get onside, Williams passes inside to Sezer who scores under the posts

Raiders lead Raiders 36 - 12 Cowboys

PENALTY COWBOYS - Raiders give away another goal line penalty


PENALTY COWBOYS - Raiders give away a penalty on their own line


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer converts easily from out wide.

Raiders lead Raiders 32 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jordan Rapana. Kick to come.

Sezer grubbers again, Winterstein goes back to clean up and has a complete air swing. Rapana follows through and cleans up to score an easy try.

Raiders lead Raiders 30 - 12 Cowboys

PENALTY RAIDERS - A piggyback to take them into the Cowboys half.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer converts from right in front.

Raiders lead Raiders 26 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Michael Oldfield. Kick to come.

From the scrum, the ball goes to Oldfield, who runs through a woeful tackle attempt by Cooper and goes 80 metres to score under the posts.

Raiders lead Raiders 24 - 12 Cowboys

SCRUM RAIDERS - Asiata with a good dummy and pass to Linnett who dropped it cold.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Raiders pinged for not clearing the ruck properly.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Sezer finds touch near the Cowboys goal line.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer from the left touchline nails the goal.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Michael Oldfield. Kick to come.

A Williams grubber bounces horribly for Coote. As Coote dives to clean up the ball, it bounces up and Oldfield grounds the ball for the try.

Raiders lead Raiders 18 - 12 Cowboys

PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys ruled to have held down too long in the tackle.


Thurston's grubber is way too weak and Papalii cleans up easily.


Thurston takes the line on and very nearly scores.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Raiders give away a penalty close to their line.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Coote's attempted pass hits Rapana's arm as he makes the tackle.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Sezer with a good long kick and finds touch deep in the Cowboys half.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Cooper loses the ball in a tackle as he runs towards the Raiders line.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Cowboys now 10m from the Raiders line, trail by two and decide not to take a shot at goal.


Both sides lacking discipline with the ball in hand.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Sezer goes to the line and there's a little knock on, on the second tackle.


PENALTY RAIDERS - first tackle after the last penalty and the Cowboys give another away.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys give away a penalty late in the Raiders set. Raiders are 20m from the Cowboys line and take the tap.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Cowboys passing play ends with a dropped pass.


SCRUM COWBOYS - Cross kick by Sezer is missed by everyone and goes into touch.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Sloppy play the ball by Jensen. Scrum will set 10m inside the Cowboys half.


Nice kick by Hodgson finds space behind the winger, but Winterstein slides to clean up the ball and is tackled 10m from his own line.


Good defensive set by the Raiders here


Sezer waits too long to get a kick in and hits a defender. Raiders soccer it on but Coote very bravely cleans up.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston slots the relatively easy goal.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 12 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Gavin Cooper. Kick to come.

Thurston with a little grubber and Cooper cleans it up and dives over for a try.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 10 Cowboys

SCRUM COWBOYS - Whitehead lets the restart bounce and the ball takes a 90 degree turn and goes into touch.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Aidan Sezer.

Slots the goal from wide on the left side.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 6 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Blake Austin. Kick to come.

Hodgson with another grubber was being shepherded dead by Feldt, only for Austin to come from nowhere to ground the ball just inches before the dead ball line.

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 6 Cowboys

Austin on, Croker off.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys attacking raid very nearly produces a try, but the last pass is intercepted on his own line by Whitehead. The next play the Cowboys give away a penalty.


Croker's knee has given way on him as he was chasing a kick through. He's done.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys trying to slow the play down.


DROP OUT COWBOYS - Hodgson grubbers from dummy half, close to the line again and Feldt with a great one handed pick up is equal to the task. He can't get out of his own ingoal though.


Hess drops the easy inside ball and the Raiders clean up.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Croker takes to the air to try and catch the bomb, but is ruled to have tackled Feldt


Thurston's bomb is a touch too long and Cotric takes it cleanly in his own in-goal. 7 tackle set for the Raiders.


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Johnathan Thurston.

Thurston adds the extras.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 6 Cowboys

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Lachlan Coote. Kick to come.

Nice straight running, short and late passing sees Thurston turn Martin back inside, who then links with Coote who goes over for the try.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 4 Cowboys

SCRUM RAIDERS - Granville has a dart from dummy half and almost gets across, but the Raiders defence denies him. Granville then drops the bill as he's playing it.


PENALTY COWBOYS - Raiders give the Cows another full set inside their 20m


SCRUM COWBOYS - Lui knocks on at the play the ball from the restart. Cowboys right on the attack now.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Aidan Sezer.

Sezer will take over the goalkicking duties, but cannot convert from the sideline.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 0 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Michael Oldfield. Kick to come.

Croker on one leg gets the pass on a shifty short side play, draws two defenders and passes to Oldfield who scores in the corner untouched

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 0 Cowboys

Coote ends the set with a long kick that goes out on the full. Raiders start another set inside the Cowboys half.


Hodgson grubbers from close to the line at dummy half, but Winterstein cleans up.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Martin throws a cut-out pass that is dropped by Wright. Meanwhile Croker fielded the ball and then hit the ground in pain without being tackled. His left knee getting treated.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys offside at the scrum. Raiders start their set 40m from the Cowboys line.


The trainer puts a few kilometres of electrical tape on Crokers knee and he gets up and will play on.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jarrod Croker.

Croker from the right side, hits the upright and it's waved away.

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Cowboys

Try: Raiders
Scored by Jordan Rapana. Kick to come.

Rapana with a spectacular try. A crossfield kick from Williams finds Rapana, who leaps to take the catch, then hops and spins to score while Winterstein is holding onto his leg.

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Cowboys

PENALTY RAIDERS - Cowboys defenders a bit too keen to get off their line.


Hodgson grubbers on the last and Coote reels it in just 10m from his own line.

Cowboys kick off on an icy night in the Nations Capital.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Henry Perenara, Liam Kennedy

Touch Judges: Rohan Best, Kasey Badger

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Jordan Rapana (2), Michael Oldfield (3), Aidan Sezer, Blake Austin
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (0/1), Aidan Sezer (5/6)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Lachlan Coote, Gavin Cooper
Field Goals:
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (2/2)
Penalty Goals: