Full Time
7:50pm Fri August 3, 2018
Round 21 - ANZ Stadium - Crowd: 15132

FULL TIME - South Sydney make a massive statement. A commanding second half sees them run out 30-20 victors. Thanks for joining me tonight!


Billy Slater almost surges through off a short ball but he drops it and that will be it!


Sam Burgess penalised late for a shoulder charge. Souths could be in some trouble here.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Joe Stimson.

Stimson shanks it from the sideline.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 20 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Josh Addo-Carr. Kick to come.

Addo-Carr miraculously bats the ball back inside off a kick and scores in the corner!

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 20 Storm

Melbourne get a relieving penalty and begin their set on halfway. Felise Kaufusi takes it up and offload for Kenneath Bromwich who brings it up to the South Sydney 40. They spread it right and Campbell Graham shuts down Curtis Scott. The young winger has been brilliant!


Souths with all the running and Angus Crichton outpaces Josh Addo-Carr down the right edge before kicking infield. Several South Sydney chasers are on it but Billy Slater is there to clean it up.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds seals the victory as Cameron Smith comes off the field

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 16 Storm

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Alex Johnston. Kick to come.

Cody Walker fools Will Chambers who comes in and Alex Johnston races through to likely ice the victory tonight!

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 28 - 16 Storm

Josh Addo-Carr takes the bomb on the last and is dragged into touch by three South Sydney defenders! Rabbitohs scrum fee 10 out from the Melbourne line. Big set coming up.


Souths also run it on the last and Dane Gagai is tackled five short of the Melbourne line. They work it out from their own end and desperately need a penalty. A strong run by Will Chambers takes them over the 20 before Kenneath Bromwich works it up to the 30. Melbourne spread it right from Billy Slater to Will Chambers who finds a sprinting Josh Addo-Carr out wide and he is taken into touch by Campbell Graham.


Melbourne run it to the right edge on the last and Will Chambers tries to thread through a grubber for Cheyse Blair but it goes out.


Souths are primed for a run here but they drop the ball 10 out from the Melbourne line. Tevita Tatola the man with the error.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds sends it through for an eight-point lead.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 24 - 16 Storm

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Damien Cook. Kick to come.

His ankle is certainly fine! He bursts through the middle and steps several defenders on the way to the line!

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 22 - 16 Storm

Cameron Munster goes short on a left-edge raid to Ryan Hoffman and he drops it cold.


Damien Cook now down injured and all South Sydney fans hold their breath. He is back up though and looks like he should be alright.


A poor kick on the last by Adam Reynolds and Josh Addo-Carr takes it with ease in his own in-goal area. Seven-tackle set.


Souths throw it around on the last. Adam Doueihi puts in a rushed kick and Billy Slater does very well to take it on the fly. Storm working it up towards halfway. Doueihi is down for a leg injury and time is stopped.


Jahrome Hughes puts up a towering kick and what a run by Campbell Graham! That may just be the turning point in this one. He snatches it out of the air and surges through tackles before being taken on halfway. Souths are just 10 out on the fourth. Will Chambers grounds the ball in-goal. More pressure for the Storm.


Jason Clark and Cameron Murray with the opening runs before Angus Crichton surges up past the 30. Souths with all the running as Damien Cook bursts out of dummy-half before being tackled 40 out on the fourth. Adam Reynolds goes high on the last and Josh Addo-Carr has it. He brings it up after evading a couple of tackles but is taken on his own 10.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds puts Souths in front for the first time tonight!

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 18 - 16 Storm

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Adam Doueihi. Kick to come.

They spread it right now and Alex Johnston is wrapped up 25 out from the Melbourne line. Damien Cook then turns it in for Jason Clark who straightens things up and is tackled 15 out. They run it on the last and Adam Doueihi goes over! Reynolds to Walker to Johnston to the rookie! Well worked that play.

Tied up at Rabbitohs 16 - 16 Storm

Cameron Smith runs it on the last and Jahrome Hughes breaks a couple of tackles before being pulled up 40 out from the South Sydney line. Rabbitohs winning the battle up front at the moment.


Damien Cook goes short but Jason Clark drops it, tough one to take under enormous pressure close to the line.


And now Melbourne nab a penalty for an incorrect play the ball by Nelson Asofa-Solomona. They are 20 out.


Nothing much happening in this set so far for the Rabbitohs. The bomb on the last is for Campbell Graham and he flies above but Curtis Scott beats him to it and Melbourne work it out from very deep within their own end. Souths standing up in defence.


A relieving penalty for Souths and they have another shot at the Melbourne line. They begin their set 40 out.


A massive bomb on the last from Melbourne but Alex Johnston rises to the task again.


Melbourne come up with an error and South Sydney are 40 out. George Burgess works it up to the 30 before a spread let sees Cody Walker go short to John Sutton who finds Adam Doueihi out wide and the rookie is taken 20 out. An early grubber is put in and Cameron Munster is there - and lucky he was as there was five Souths attackers streaming trhough.


Jahrome Hughes with a towering bomb on the last and Alex Johnston appears to have dropped it but the officials rule it was off Melbourne. Souths are steaming up field. Damien Cook goes short to Sam Burgess who is taken 30 out on the fourth. The kick on the last is taken by Josh Addo-Carr in the corner.


Souths work it past halfway on their first set. Adam Reynolds sends it high but Billy Slater is under it.


Back underway here at ANZ!


HALF TIME - Storm 16 lead Rabbitohs 12. Big turning point when Billy Slater almost went over in the 34th minute and Melbourne instead conceded a penalty, with the Rabbitohs going on to score. Looks a tight one, second half to come.


Adam Doueihi steams through off a short ball and South Sydney are 30 out. They bomb on the last and Campbell Graham drops the ball. Souths looking much better late.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds gets it from right in front.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 12 - 16 Storm

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Sam Burgess. Kick to come.

Cook fools the defence, running left then changing right and finding Burgess in the middle who barges over.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 10 - 16 Storm

George Burgess brings it up to the 20 off the restart before a spread right sees Alex Johnston pulled down by Cameron Munster 15 out. Damien Cook turns it back in for Cameron Murray who is tackled 10 out.


Will Chambers takes the Cody Walker kick dead on the last and Melbourne will be forced to endure more late pressure.


A very clunky set in attack from Melbourne ends up with South Sydney regaining possession and now earning a much-needed penalty and they begin on halfway.


Storm with a full set 30 out. Cameron Munster puts in an early kick and Josh Addo-Carr races through, forcing a mistake from Alex Johnston. Big set in defence here. Cameron Smith goes himself, offloads for Ryan Hoffman who finds Curtis Scott and the centre is taken five short of the line.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith nails it from right in front.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 6 - 16 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Curtis Scott. Kick to come.

Josh Addo-Carr whizzes through from inside his own half and draws and passes for Scott who scores!

Storm lead Rabbitohs 6 - 14 Storm

South Sydney stand tall in defence. Melbourne looked certain to score in the right and left corner after slick hands but the Rabbitohs scrambled well, with Campbell Graham coming up with a massive tackle on Ryan Hoffman. Cameron Smith grubbers on the last but it goes straight to Damien Cook. Souths are 40 out on the last. Cook to Angus Crichton who fires through the line but is wrapped up 20 out.


A relieving penalty... Billy Slater taps and brings it up to halfway and draws another penalty! They are 30 out on the first play.


Hymel Hunt brings it up to the 30 before Angus Crichton works it up over the 40. A determined run by Thomas Burgess takes South Sydney into the Melbourne half. Cody Walker goes very high on the last but Will Chambers takes it.


Curtis Scott and Ryan Hoffman with the opening runs of the set before a spread right sees Scott taken on his own 30. A quick play the ball and Tim Glasby brings it up over the 40 before Jahrome Hughes turns it inside for Felise Kaufusi who takes it over halfway. Hughes sends it on the last for Campbell Graham who has it.


Damien Cook goes short to Sam Burgess who looks to charge over but he drops the ball and Melbourne survive.


Melbourne are really making it hard for themselves. Tim Glasby drops it in a strong tackle by Cameron Murray and Thomas Burgess. Rabbitohs 10 out.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Smith fails to convert from the sideline.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 6 - 10 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Josh Addo-Carr. Kick to come.

Addo-Carr is in! Green lights.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 6 - 10 Storm

They begin their set on halfway. Tim Glasby brings it up to the South Sydney 40 before a spread right sees Billy Slater go short to Felise Kaufusi who is tackled 30 out. Cameron Munster is then taken 20 out before Jahrome Hughes takes them on and it tackled 10 short of the try line. A spread left and Billy Slater sends the final pass to Josh Addo-Carr who goes over! Checking with the Bunker!


Souths work it up over halfway on the fourth play. Adam Reynolds goes high on the last and Josh Addo-Carr steams onto it, tackled on his own 30 and draws a penalty for a high tackle from George Burgess.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Attempted by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds hooks it.

Tied up at Rabbitohs 6 - 6 Storm

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Hymel Hunt. Kick to come.

Cody Walker with a lovely pass to Hunt who crosses over out wide! Perfectly executed from the five-eighth.

Tied up at Rabbitohs 6 - 6 Storm

South Sydney's last tackle option is a rabble but they earn a penalty with Curtis Scott ruled to have tackled Campbell Graham without the ball.


A powerful set here from South Sydney and they are 40 out from the Melbourne line on the fourth after Damien Cook went short to George Burgess who surge into the Storm's half. George is down now receiving treatment.


Cheyse Blair and Curtis Scott help out their big men with solid runs before Felise Kaufusi and Nelson Asofa-Solomona contribute customary hit-ups. They spread it right from Cameron Munster to Scott who is taken 40 out from the South Sydney line. Munster goes high on the last and Alex Johnston takes it.


Josh Addo-Carr races out on a right-side spread from Souths. Adam Reynolds sends it long for Campbell Graham but he is ruled to have dropped the ball heading for the corner.


Alex Johnston goes wide to Hymel Hunt but Melbourne handle it easily. They go inside and George Burgess storms up and is tackled 10 out. Damien Cook now draws a penalty and even more pressure for the away side.


An early penalty and more pressure for Melbourne.


Ryan Hoffman drops it off the restart! The ball skewed sidewards and bounced awkwardly... Souths 10 out.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith slots it.

Storm lead Rabbitohs 2 - 6 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Dale Finucane. Kick to come.

Smith short to Finucane who crashes over!

Storm lead Rabbitohs 2 - 4 Storm

Dale Finucane and Josh Addo-Carr with the opening charges off this set for Melbourne. Ryan Hoffman then brings it up over the 20 before a spread right sees Felise Kaufusi surge through and link with Billy Slater. Plenty of offloads and the Storm are just 20 out. They spread left and Cameron Munster takes them on, drawing a penalty with George Burgess ruled offside. They tap.


George Burgess with the first hit-up off the restart before brother Sam Burgess works it up to the 20. Thomas Burgess takes it up past the 30 and all Burgess brothers have contributed in this set. Angus Crichton then takes the ball towards the 40 before Thomas Burgess busts through the middle and is pulled up 20 out. They go right and Damien Cook picks out Dane Gagai who has an overlap but the pass is ruled forward.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds sends it through.

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 2 - 0 Storm

Hymel Hunt with the first run off the scrum before Damien Cook goes short to George Burgess who brings it up to the 40. Thomas Burgess then surges through the middle and is tackled 30 out. Sam Burgess with the next charge before Cook turns it inside for Tom Burgess who draws a penalty. They'll shoot for two.


The Rabbitohs kick-off and Melbourne receive. Jesse Bromwich takes the first hit-up and brings the ball up to the 10 before Dale Finucane works his way up to the 20. Nelson Asofa-Solomona surges up towards the 30 before Bromwich takes his second run of the set. Asofa-Solomona does likewise and comes up with an error just shy of halfway. Rabbitohs with a perfect chance to start this fast.

A fast and open game of footy is expected tonight. I'm taking the Storm by 12.

Both sides have lost wingers. Robert Jennings is out for Souths with Adam Doueihi replacing him and Braidon Burns coming onto the bench. Meanwhile, Cheyse Blair is in for Suliasi Vunivalu.

Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of tonight's bumper clash between the Rabbitohs and Storm.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ashley Klein, Jon Stone

Touch Judges: Brett Suttor, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea

Tries: Hymel Hunt, Sam Burgess, Adam Doueihi, Damien Cook, Alex Johnston
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Adam Reynolds (1/1)

Tries: Dale Finucane, Josh Addo-Carr (2), Curtis Scott
Field Goals:
Conversions: Cameron Smith (2/3), Joe Stimson (0/1)
Penalty Goals: