Full Time
5:30pm Sat August 25, 2018
Round 24 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 14266

One hail mary play from Elgey, but Fox and Olam tackled each other, but importantly, have the ball. FULLTIME.. Storm ground the victory out.


Titans ball. They rush to the scrum. Time off, 36 seconds to go. Three plays at max for them to steal this game, coming from their own half.


PENALTY TITANS! Sami fought hard, and got the whistle. No, it was just called to play it. Last tackle is a mess, that Don gets the kick away.


Munster hammers the ball across touch. Wasting more time, and making the Titans go the distance. Wallace is readied to come back into the action.


Heroic defense from the Titans. It looked like put down your glasses time when the Fox got into space, but once again, Brimson makes a key tackle. The Titans swarmed well and Rein dived on the ball.


Again, Hipgrave is in a prime position at the wrong time. The second rower looked like he wanted to offload but dies with the ball. Changeover, time is running out for the home side.


PENALTY TITANS! Finucane collected Hurrell high.


The halfback is up, and being taken off for a HIA. There is some extensive looks, but the referee remains with a turnover. Titans now have to do it without their halfback.


Hipgrave is caught in the crossfire, the forward spills it as Taylor throws a speculator to keep it alive. Taylor is still down, receiving treatment..


Titans try to sneak Brimson through on the inside, Storm wrap that up. They have to do the hard yards now.


Now Slater has forced a pass that is knocked on. Big chance for the Titans. They haven't sniffed the Storm's half in the last fifteen minutes.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! To add, it was knocked on by Stimson.


BUNKER TIME! Stimson might have stolen one here.


Almost! Munster magic again, the five-eighth stepped out of a tackle then sniffed the line. We have a lengthy delay as he is not in the best way, but we continue on.


It looked like the Storm were just waiting to cross the stripe, the passing was slick but a last ditch knockdown repelled them. Set start for them now..


Their valour is short-lived, as the Storm defense shunt them back for the drop out.


Storm go for the power play on last! Slater cut through them, with his favoured inside ball but Brimson is there to nail him. They went down the right on last, but Titans remain solid.


Right from the off, Storm have another penalty. Wallace goes high rise on Finucane. It is starting to unravel for the home side now.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Similar spot from his first kick, Smith looks to atone for the miss. The hooker stepped in.. nails it. Storm take the lead.

Storm lead Titans 8 - 10 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Cameron Munster. Kick to come.

It's the Munster mash! The five-eighth started on the left, drifted until he found space, got Hurrell to bite then sliced through for the points.

Tied up at Titans 8 - 8 Storm

PENALTY STORM! Curtis Scott is upended by Elgey. Another easy passage from their own line.


Titans save the day again. Slater looked to burst through the gap but the fullback was collected, thrust it out back and the Titans smother the kick.


Battle of the youngsters, Brimson full of vingear returns the ball but Brodie Croft dislodged the ball.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Olam juggled it, caught it and put it down. Sadly, his foot was on the whitewash, lovely cover defense from Sami to keep the Titans in the lead.


BUNKER TIME! Olam might have his maiden try this time.. checking the touchline.


Now, Kevin Proctor makes a grassing tackle to deny Munster. But we'll have the warning now. Titans on the edge now.


Jarrod Wallace just waved the ball through back to the Storm. Now they table toppers are right on the hammer.


PENALTY STORM! The flow of the game has shifted to the Storm. They kept the Titans stuck in their own half, then a nowhere kick is collected by Slater then a few tackles later, they earn a whistle.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Smith after his little wrestle-off with James, has the chance to reduce the deficit to two. The stalwart strides in, misses.

Titans lead Titans 8 - 4 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Curtis Scott. Kick to come.

Storm find the solution! Scott just kept himself moving, stepped, fended and scored.

Titans lead Titans 8 - 4 Storm

..then another PENALTY. Storm marching downfield.


Smart play followed by dumb. Lee tries to stick one in-goal but Slater pounces, went straight to the ground and cons Lee into conceding the penalty.


Tame start to the half, as the Titans find the line with their first kick.


Penalty Goal: Titans
Attempted by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor ends a terrific half for the Titans, on a sour note. He couldn't hook the penalty goal between the sticks. HALFTIME.

Titans lead Titans 8 - 0 Storm

A THIRD offside penalty. Addo-Carr was miles off his line there as he took the intercept. The siren is about to sound, so the Titans opt for the penalty goal.


PENALTY TITANS! Moeaki Fotuaika has it stripped.


An uncharacteristic error from Cam Smith has gifted the Titans a second bite at the cherry here. They might finish the half with the ball.


WHAT A TRY-SAVER FROM THE FOX! Brimson just blitzed the defender on the left, spied his winger inside and dabbed a kick through but Addo-Carr saves the day.


They do not crack! Kasiano tried to crash through the line, but is whacked by Taylor, the half dislodged the ball.


More pressure.. another offside penalty. Titans have one of the worst defenses, now have to try to stop a rampaging Storm.


Followed by another PENALTY. Storm steady and tap..


Dear, oh dear! That was a set of horrors for the Titans. They let the dropout bounce, balls hit the ground then Hurrell makes no attempt to get his foot to the ball. PENALTY STORM.


Turning the knife here, the Titans. Elgey now toes one through that Slater had to swat dead. This came on the back from some probing runs from Brimson and Taylor.


It has been clunky from the Storm thus far. Smith and Slater have kicked on last in recent sets which have been gobbled up by the Titans! Now Don's counter earnt the Titans a penalty. Full set coming.


Brimson tries the short ball to Matthews, the former Saint spills it. Storm scrum, ten from their own line.


Smith got the Storm moving, bumping off a defender to gain some extra metres. Slater slams a kick dead.. starting a seven tackle set then a Storm hand contacts the ball which wiped the count clean again. Titans have a big chance to make it a two score game.


Storm undone by sloppy work now! Curtis Scott sent Olam away, the winger grassed by Brimson. On last, Scott tried to repeat the dose, but tosses it forward. Another let off.


Is Don, is No Good! Ash Taylor throws what can be generously be described as a pass.. Olam got hands to it which deflected it to Don, who strolled in. Sadly, the winger is denied.


PENALTY TITANS! Taylor stabs one through for himself, seeing Slater in the line but Munster snaffles. Referee brings it back for the offside though. Titans with a full set.


You can't keep doing that! Slater once again, swoops on a kick, cut through the Titans defense trying to position Olam for his maiden NRL try, the Papua winger couldn't take the gift. Brimson counters.


The game has settled into a holding pattern of late. Both sides finding their kicks, with the latest seeing Justin Olam crunched by a pair of Titans players.


Penalty Goal: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor adds the two.Titans start on fire!

Titans lead Titans 8 - 0 Storm

PENALTY TITANS! They have been bright to start, Kane Elgey resembled Rocky there, refusing to go down, went left to right before he linked with a player who forced the penalty. Titans opt for two.


Some more sublime football from the hosts! On last, swept down the short-side, Brenko Lee judged it well, got Anthony Don into space, the winger toes through but is collected by a Storm winger, as the visitors chuck it dead. Goal-line dropout.


In a match that has been billed about one high-profile fullback, thus far, it has been young AJ Brimson that has stolen the show. He found some space down the right as the Titans complete another set.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Ashley Taylor.

Taylor from close range, completes.

Titans lead Titans 6 - 0 Storm

Try: Titans
Scored by Aj Brimson. Kick to come.

They turn it into points. Swept down the left, Brimson flew onto the ball, spun out of the attempt then slams it down.

Titans lead Titans 4 - 0 Storm

Now it's the Titans turn for the whistle. Munsters kick is too shallow so Brimson collects then is hit high. Penalty.


They compound the issue by giving away a pair of penalties. Storm right on the attack.


What started as a fine set for the Titans, they lost their way late on. They had no dummy half then Brimson collided with his own man and was tackled. Changeover.

A wonderful guard of honour from former Titans players, on Old Boys Day, as the Titans trot onto the magnificent surface that is Robina. They are lined up at halfway, so they'll kick it to the team on top of the pile currently.

Welcome to Robina! Melbourne Storm head to the glitter strip, looking to capitalise on the upset in the previous game, as Raiders downed South Sydney, now they face a scrappy Titans side that can cause an upset, maybe spoil Billy Slater's final game in the sunshine state! We're about to find out!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Matt Noyen, Gavin Badger

Touch Judges: Rickey McFarlane, Liam Nicholls

Video Referee: Henry Perenara, Bryan Norrie

Tries: Aj Brimson
Field Goals:
Conversions: Ashley Taylor (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Ashley Taylor (1/2)

Tries: Curtis Scott, Cameron Munster
Field Goals:
Conversions: Cameron Smith (1/2)
Penalty Goals: