Full Time
7:50pm Thu June 13, 2019
Round 14 - GIO Stadium Canberra - Crowd: 10021

FULL TIME - Canberra hang on for a tense 22-20 win to shore up their spot in the top four.


Matt Moylan over halfway. Then to Andrew Fifita, who can't pick up many metres. Briton Nikora then to 40. They then shift it left to Josh Morris, who surges upfield and is tackled 20 out. Chad Townsend then explores the other side and the Canberra defence rush out, there's a chance but his pass goes to Jarrod Croker and the home side survive.


Final roll of the dice here for the Sharks. Shaun Johnson finds touch on the 40.


Jack Wighton goes straight through and scores but it's a clear obstruction. Penalty Sharks.


Kurt Capewell penalised for an incorrect play the ball. John Bateman taps and Canberra have it 10 out.


Canberra 30 out on the last. They run it down the left edge and Jarrod Croker throws it into touch with Bailey Simonsson nowhere to be seen. Sharks to work it out of their own end.


Shaun Johnson with a chip towards the corner. The Sharks have a chance at it but the ball spills loose over the sideline. Kurt Capewell the man who came up with the error. Now Cronulla are pinned for offside. Aidan Sezer finds touch just short of their own 40.


Andrew Fifita clocks Aidan Sezer as he takes the ball off the restart and Canberra come in to stick up for their halfback. Nothing illegal from Fifita though and the home side are penalised for escalating things. Cronulla ball.


Jack Wighton with a lovely kick before whacking Matt Moylan and trapping him in-goal. Big set coming up.


Wade Graham chases through the bomb on the last and takes out Jordan Rapana. Penalty Raiders. They start the new set on their own 30.


Shaun Johnson takes it to the air on the last and Bailey Simonsson is under it. Cronulla muscling up in defence here as Simonsson comes up with a juggle bringing the ball up but he regathers. The home side are stuck inside their own 30 on the last. The ball is reefed upfield for Matt Moylan who immediately links with Sosaia Feki and the Sharks start this set on their own 40.


Siliva Havili short to Elliott Whitehead on the last who tries to power over but he's held. No too bad an option though with Cronulla five out from their own line to start this set.


Andrew Fifita loses possession bringing the ball up. Raiders on halfway.


Nick Cotric down with a potential ankle injury.


Cronulla spread it right on the last - dangerous there as Shaun Johnson hands it to Josh Dugan who has a half-chance if he can link out wide. But Canberra shut it down.


Jack Wighton kicks it out on the full and that's not the best way to try and capitalise on a bit of momentum. Sharks start their new set 40 out.


Penalty Goal: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker hands Canberra back the lead.

Raiders lead Raiders 22 - 20 Sharks

Elliott Whitehead plays at the grubber on the last, toeing it ahead before scooping it up and passing it on to Jack Wighton who steams up towards halfway. Canberra now earn a penalty and momentum may have just swung. The penalty was blown 32 out. Jarrod Croker will shoot for two.


What was that from Canberra on the last. The ball goes to ground and Bailey Simonsson cleans it up, kicks backwards, it's batted back to John Bateman who toes it ahead. Josh Morris picks it up and then Cronulla are awarded a penalty. They start their new set on their own 40.


Aidan Sezer with a nice grubber and Canberra earn a repeat set.


Penalty Raiders and they are 10 out.


Cronulla finally hand possession back to the Raiders with a dropped ball in their own half. They can't fall victim to the same mistakes they made in the first half.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson levels things up!

Tied up at Raiders 20 - 20 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Dugan. Kick to come.

The ball is spread right to Shaun Johnson who plays it short to Dugan and Cronulla have now scored more tries than Canberra.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 18 Sharks

Momentum well and truly in Cronulla's favour now as Nick Cotric bats the ball down. He then rakes the ball out in a one-on-one attempt, pulling it out of Wade Graham's grasps but drops it late. Sharks ball 30 out, big chance to lock things up.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson with his first successful kick of the game.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 14 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Braden Hamlin-Uele. Kick to come.

Chad Townsend short to Braden Hamlin-Uele - lovely pass and the big man steams through to score.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 12 Sharks

John Bateman penalised for holding down in the tackle as tempers flare. Cronulla 30 out.


30 out on the last - Aidan Sezer goes to the air but Kurt Capewell filling in the centres soars above to take it. Josh Dugan then takes it up and has the ball stripped out. Knock-on ruled against Canberra though. The Sharks breathe a sigh of relief.


Wade Graham completes Cronulla's first try of the second half, finding touch 30 short of the Canberra line.


Back underway at GIO Stadium.


HALF TIME - A late surge from Cronulla but they still enter the break down 20-8.


But Canberra fumble it again. Sharks just 20 out. They shift it right to Briton Nikora who offloads back inside - they throw it around, back to Chad Townsend who bombs for Sosaia Feki, he bats it back to Kurt Capewell and he almost links back inside with a fellow Shark but the ball goes to ground. Half time.


Shaun Johnson links with Briton Nikora who threatens to go through the middle after slicing back inside but drops it.


The clearing kick on the last from Canberra goes straight to Matt Moylan who links with Sosaia Feki and Cronulla are over halfway. One final chance to strike perhaps before halfway.


Much better from the Sharks. 40 out - Shaun Johnson goes high on the last. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad under it but taken five out from his own line. Cronulla looking good when they actually complete their sets.


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Shaun Johnson.

He hooks it again.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 8 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Morris. Kick to come.

Wade Graham surges towards the line, offloads late. It hits the ground and Morris scoops it up and goes over to score.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 8 Sharks

Late penalty for the Sharks and they tap.


Chad Townsend with a towering bomb on the last which traps Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad just centimetres out from his line. Three tackles in and they still aren't over their own 10-metre mark and now Iosia Soliola drops it. Sharks ball right on the Canberra line with a big chance to further reduce the deficit.


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson hits it to the right of the posts.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 4 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Dugan. Kick to come.

Great heads up play. Chad Townsend sees the Canberra defence coming up and kicks through for Dugan who scores Cronulla's first of the night.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 4 Sharks

Aidan Sezer chips towards the corner on the last, Cronulla under plenty of pressure but Sosaia Feki flies above them to take it and now Wade Graham earns a much-needed penalty.


Bronson Xerri off for a H.I.A according to Channel Nine's Billy Slater.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker still perfect from the boot.

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 0 Sharks

Bronson Xerri is off with a potential injury.


Try: Raiders
Scored by Jarrod Croker. Kick to come.

Croker slices straight through off a short ball from Jack Wighton. Poor communication from Shaun Johnson and Bronson Xerri. Just too easy.

Raiders lead Raiders 18 - 0 Sharks

Jack Wighton with a dangerous grubber, Elliott Whitehead storming onto it and Matt Moylan doesn't take any risks and grounds it.


Shaun Johnson goes high on the last, a spiralling bomb for Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad but he takes it in a diving catch. He then takes Jarrod Croker to gift Canberra easy passage out of their own end. They are 30 out.


Jack Wighton with a towering bomb and Matt Moylan drops it again but it goes backwards.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker converts it from near the sideline.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 0 Sharks

Try: Raiders
Scored by Bailey Simonsson. Kick to come.

A spectacular grounding! Jack Wighton out long to Jarrod Croker, cutting out Bronson Xerri and creating a two-on-one, Simonsson flies over in the corner.

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 0 Sharks

Kurt Capewell now drops it and Canberra have it again 20 out. The Sharks are giving themselves no chance of getting back into this game.


A relatively messy last tackle sees Jarrod Croker try to shove an offload after being trapped in the corner but the ball comes out and a turnover is ruled.


Siliva Havili has the ball raked out on halfway. Cronulla gift them easy metres out of their own end and they start the set 30 out.


Chad Townsend puts it into the corner on the last and Sosaia Feki flies above to take it but can't control the ball on the way down. Seven-tackle set Raiders.


Canberra make a mistake courtesy of Dunamis Lui, just shy of halfway. Sharks with a chance to hit straight back.


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker extends the lead to eight.

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 0 Sharks

Try: Raiders
Scored by Aidan Sezer. Kick to come.

Cronulla look to have them covered on the last but Aidan Sezer steps back inside and beats Matt Moylan to reach out and score.

Raiders lead Raiders 6 - 0 Sharks

Canberra's outside backs with plenty of involvement early as they work their way out of their own half. Blayke Brailey snaps Ryan Sutton in a great tackle but then Andrew Fifita comes over on the top and gives away a penalty. Poor penalty to concede after a strong set in defence.


Cronulla with their first use of it. Josh Dugan and Kurt Capewell bringing it up before Paul Gallen fights his way up towards the 40. Andrew Fifita drives his way up to halfway. Matt Prior then with a solid hit-up. 40 out on the last as Chad Townsend goes to the air and Bailey Simonsson is under it.


Jack Wighton then plays it short to Elliott Whitehead but it's forward and Cronulla survive.


Chad Townsend pinned for being offside. Canberra tap.


Josh Dugan then with an error in the play-the-ball. Raiders with it 10 out. Not good signs early for Cronulla.


Josh Papalii and Elliott Whitehead now with the opening carries of this set. Ryan Sutton with a strong charge over the 30. John Bateman then past the 40. They now spread it left to Jack Wighton who finds Jarrod Croker and he's trapped on halfway. Aidan Sezer then jinks it past Matt Moylan who puts it down again, backwards though.


Penalty Goal: Raiders
Kicked by Jarrod Croker.

Croker slots it to hand Canberra an early lead.

Raiders lead Raiders 2 - 0 Sharks

Matt Moylan then holds onto Jarrod Croker too long and concedes a penalty. They'll shoot for two.


Josh Papalii and Joseph Tapine with the first hit-ups. Tapine again with another run up towards the 40. Jack Wighton clears it on the last and Matt Moylan puts it down. Canberra with it 20 out.


Canberra with the first use of it.

Meanwhile, Cronulla are boosted by the return of Shaun Johnson, who knocks Kyle Flanagan out of the side.

For Canberra, Ryan Sutton starts at prop in place of Dunamis Lui who drops back to the bench in their only change.

Both sides are pushing for a top-four berth and coming off big wins last week.

Good evening and welcome to tonight's blockbuster clash between the Raiders and Sharks.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ashley Klein, Peter Gough

Touch Judges: Chris Sutton, Chris Butler

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea

Tries: Jarrod Croker, Aidan Sezer, Bailey Simonsson
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Jarrod Croker (2/2)

Tries: Josh Dugan (2), Josh Morris, Braden Hamlin-Uele
Field Goals:
Conversions: Shaun Johnson (2/4)
Penalty Goals: