Full Time
7:50pm Thu June 28, 2018
Round 16 - WIN Stadium - Crowd: 6933

All over. The Dragons have snatched one out of the fire.


SCRUM EELS - Dragons grubber the ball into touch. 17 seconds left and the Eels have to travel 70 metres.


Takairangi attempts an offload and he turns the ball over to Leilua. 1 minute left now.


Eels with the short kick off and they get the ball back. 90 seconds left and they trail by 2.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop converts from right in front.

Dragons lead Dragons 20 - 18 Eels

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

Widdop grubbers on the last in a panicked last play. Gower cannot get the ball and Dufty snatches it out of his hands and dives over under the posts to score.

Tied up at Dragons 18 - 18 Eels

SCRUM DRAGONS - Smith chipped across field for the winger. The winger didn't know it was coming and the ball goes dead 10m inside the Dragons half.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop converts and we now have a frantic final 6 minutes on our hands.

Eels lead Dragons 14 - 18 Eels

Try: Dragons
Scored by Euan Aitken. Kick to come.

Hunt grubbers on the 4th tackle and Aitken regathers and plants it before it goes dead.

Eels lead Dragons 12 - 18 Eels

Dufty breaks through the line on his kick return and is brought down 35m from the Eels line.


King grubbers from dummy half and it is cleaned up by Mannah on his own line. Another wasted chance by the Dragons.


PENALTY DRAGONS - Sims "taken out" as he ran downfield to chase a kick.


SCRUM DRAGONS - Forward pass from Will Smith at dummy half has denied the Eels a try.


Another Moses kick leads to another Dragons drop out.


Dragons go short side and Leilua tries to barge over in the corner but he is held up and then goes into touch


PENALTY DRAGONS - THis time the Dragons get a penalty inside the Eels half. They need a try here.


PENALTY DRAGONS - French with a little chip and M.Jennings touches it despite being offside.


Parramatta playing smart percentage footy now. Push up through the middle and kicking deep to the corners. Dragons have struggled to get out of their own half all game.


DRAGONS PENALTY - They'll get a piggy back up to halfway now.


DROP OUT DRAGONS - Moses chips over the top and the Dragons are forced to knock it dead.


Dufty loses the ball in the tackle and then the Dragons give away a penalty straight after. Sloppy.


PENALTY DRAGONS - They now march inside the Eels half.


SCRUM DRAGONS - Eels find touch 10m from the Dragons line.


Dragons last tackle options have been average all game and look to be getting averagier


SCRUM DRAGONS - Eels find touch at the end of the set.


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clint Gutherson.

Gutherson nails the goal from out wide.

Eels lead Dragons 8 - 18 Eels

Try: Eels
Scored by Jarryd Hayne. Kick to come.

Hayne gets a good ball between two out of position edge defenders, sneaks through just enough and then fights to get the ball down for a try.

Eels lead Dragons 8 - 16 Eels

PENALTY EELS - Moses puts in a kick which is brilliantly caught by Widdop. Dragons have been penalised for being offside before the kick it would seem. They're camped on the Dragons line for another set.


PENALTY EELS - Late in the set and Parramatta get another set as Vaughan is put on report for a trip.


Norman rushes up and forces Hunt into an error and the Eels are let off.


SCRUM DRAGONS - They'll get a full set 40m from the Eels line


Dragons get the game back underway. Can they reel the Eels in?


Dragons took to the skies again with a kick and they managed to tap the ball back again, but this time it hit Widdop's foot and went over the sideline and into touch. And that's the break.


SCRUM DRAGONS - Widdop's torpedo bomb is dropped by French, 15m from the Eels line.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop converts from an easy angle.

Eels lead Dragons 8 - 12 Eels

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

Dragons exploit the Eels right side again. Macdonald gets in space and kicks back infield, Widdop taps the ball back, out of Gurtherson's grasp, into Lafai's hands, he then found Dufty backing up and the fullback runs over to score a stunning try.

Eels lead Dragons 6 - 12 Eels

Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clint Gutherson.

Gutherson converts

Eels lead Dragons 2 - 12 Eels

Try: Eels
Scored by Nathan Brown. Kick to come.

Corey Norman holds up and dishes a short ball to Brown. Hunt rushed out of the line and created the gap that Brown leisurely strolled through to score.

Eels lead Dragons 2 - 10 Eels

DROP OUT DRAGONS - Moses grubbers for the corner and French very nearly sneaks by Macdonald, but the Dragons winger taps it dead.


PENALTY EELS - Parra gets a piggy back up to the 45m line.


Dragons doing their best to Ctrl +C Ctrl + V Souths left side attack against the Eels from a few weeks ago. It still looks like it will lead to points.


PENALTY DRAGONS - Moses ruled to have stripped the ball off Dufty illegally.


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clint Gutherson.

Gutherson converts from in front.

Eels lead Dragons 2 - 6 Eels

Try: Eels
Scored by Bevan French. Kick to come.

Mannah gets a poor pass and steps off his right on the fast approaching defence. He then strolled through one tackle and then linked with French who bolted away to score under the posts.

Eels lead Dragons 2 - 4 Eels

SCRUM EELS - Macdonald with some fleet footed stepping finds some space and then passes to Widdop, but it's too high and poorly aimed and Widdop can't grasp it.


King runs from dummy half on the 4th and shapes to kick, but his own team mates get in the way, he then kicks, only for it to be charged down. Gutherson regathers.


SCRUM DRAGONS - From the kick return the Dragons run left through Dufty, who then linked with Widdop. He then attempted a pass which was almost intercepted by French, however he knocked the ball on.


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Gareth Widdop.

Widdop knocks over the easy 2

Dragons lead Dragons 2 - 0 Eels

PENALTY DRAGONS - On the first tackle the Dragons get another penalty, while Vave is down with a neck/shoulder injury. After a minute's breather he's on his feet but gets replaced.


PENALTY DRAGONS - Alvaro penalised this time. Dragons now start their set 20m from the Eels line. Tide has turned.


Widdop with a weak chip which pops straight into Mick Jennings hands


Widdop runs on the last and is tackled 10m shy of the Eels line.


PENALTY DRAGONS - Eels off their line too fast on the second tackle. Dragons finally get to start a set in the Eels half.


SCRUM DRAGONS - And the Eels turn over the ball in prime position early. Story of their season. Fumble at the play the ball.


PENALTY EELS - Hayne isn't able to get up for a quick play the ball. Play has been camped deep inside the Dragons half for most of the game so far.


DROP OUT DRAGONS - Macdonald takes the Eels kick cleanly, but is forced back ingoal.


SCRUM DRAGONS - Nathan Brown gets up, goes to play the ball, stops after putting the ball on the ground, then moves sideways a few inches and goes again.

Parramatta gets Round 16 underway!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ben Cummins, Peter Gough

Touch Judges: Kasey Badger, Nick Morel

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Ben Galea

Tries: Matthew Dufty (2), Euan Aitken
Field Goals:
Conversions: Gareth Widdop (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Gareth Widdop (1/1)

Tries: Bevan French, Nathan Brown, Jarryd Hayne
Field Goals:
Conversions: Clint Gutherson (3/3)
Penalty Goals: