Full Time
7:30pm Sat July 28, 2018
Round 20 - AAMI Park - Crowd: 15298

SCRUM RAIDERS - Chambers is taken into touch


PENALTY STORM - A Storm player was taken out without the ball. Rapana then gave the ref a spray and has been sent for an early shower. If he's smart, he'll take his bag and hightail it to Tullamarine before the siren sounds.


PENALTY RAIDERS - NAS holding down in the tackle.


PENALTY - Leilua offside and with a slightly high tackle on Addo Carr


SCRUM RAIDERS - Vunivalu attempted a barge over try from dummy half but was denied. Then Asofa-Solomona tried it off the next play, but lost the ball.


Penalty Goal: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith kicks a penalty goal from right in front.

Storm lead Storm 44 - 10 Raiders

PENALTY STORM - Raiders pinged again just 2 tackles later. Hodgson hit for a second attempt.


PENALTY STORM - illegal strip. Storm start their set 25m from the Raiders line


SCRUM STORM - Another Raiders knock on...


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith nails the goal

Storm lead Storm 42 - 10 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Curtis Scott. Kick to come.

Munster grubbers through the Raiders line, Addo-Carr regathers, draws the fullback and then sends Scott over for a good try.

Storm lead Storm 40 - 10 Raiders

Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith from almost in front, adds another goal

Storm lead Storm 36 - 10 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Nelson Asofa-Solomona. Kick to come.

Big Asofa-Solomona runs through Tapine and Austin to score to the left of the posts.

Storm lead Storm 34 - 10 Raiders

Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Sam Williams.

Williams converts from right in front.

Storm lead Storm 30 - 10 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Joseph Leilua. Kick to come.

Leilua picks up a stray pass and just smashes through four defenders to score a great, strong try besides the left upright.

Storm lead Storm 30 - 8 Raiders

PENALTY RAIDERS - Rapana takes a quick tap and steals an extra 15 minutes.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Scott knocks on in the first tackle off the back of the scrum.


SCRUM STORM - Hodgson's dummy half pass is intercepted by Glasby, he runs 15m and then loses the ball in a one-on-one strip.


Finucane gets a low offload back inside to Slater, who can't quite grab it.


PENALTY STORM - Raiders give away another penalty and have just been handed a warning.


PENALTY STORM - Austin gives away against the Storm, and once again the Storm get a gift to help them out of their own half.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith from the left touchline makes no mistake

Storm lead Storm 30 - 4 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Josh Addo-Carr. Kick to come.

Slater grubbers to the left corner, Cotric fumbles it between his legs and Addo Carr pounces on the loose ball to score.

Storm lead Storm 28 - 4 Raiders

SCRUM STORM - Leilua with a flick pass and it goes into touch


Great defensive set by the Raiders


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith from the left sideline nails the goal on halftime

Storm lead Storm 24 - 4 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Curtis Scott. Kick to come.

Storm go left side and Scott gets outside his defender and hits the gap between Soliola and Abbey to score in the corner.

Storm lead Storm 22 - 4 Raiders

PENALTY STORM - Raiders continue working the tackle until they take Scott into touch after the tackle was completed.


SCRUM STORM - Knight makes a meal of his play the ball on the third tackle.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Slater with a fast overhead pass but it goes behind Addo-Carr and into touch.


PENALTY STORM - Raiders with a high tackle. Well it was ugly more than anything.


DROP OUT RAIDERS - Slater's grubber is taken dead by the Raiders.


SCRUM STORM - Abbey loses the ball 5m from his own line after being driven back.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Smith from the sideline just misses the goal.

Storm lead Storm 18 - 4 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Suliasi Vunivalu. Kick to come.

Hughes manages to evade a tackle by Leilua, then throws a long ball to Vunivalu who is unmarked, he then runs into the oncoming cover defence and scores in the right corner

Storm lead Storm 18 - 4 Raiders

SCRUM STORM - Leilua knocks in as he gets to his feet to play the ball, 25m from his own line.


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Sam Williams.

Williams unable to kick from out wide.

Storm lead Storm 14 - 4 Raiders

Try: Raiders
Scored by Iosia Soliola. Kick to come.

Soliola, playing at right centre, receives a crash ball and barges over for a strong try.

Storm lead Storm 14 - 4 Raiders

DROP OUT STORM - Vunivalu takes the ball dead in goal.


PENALTY RAIDERS - Storm slow to peel off the tackled player.


Williams again kicked for Rapana, but again he got the weight wrong and it goes dead. 7 tackle set for the Storm


DROP OUT STORM - The Williams grubber was too heavy, but it bounced awkwardly and hit Vunivalu as he was shephering it across the dead ball line


PENALTY RAIDERS - Storm holding down too long in the tackle. They start their set 30m from the Storm line.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Cotric returns the ball after the kick and is ruled to have had it stripped by the Storm who have then knocked it on.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith throws the goal of from right in front.

Storm lead Storm 14 - 0 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Cameron Munster. Kick to come.

Munster props, straightens and then forces his way over the line to score under the dot.

Storm lead Storm 12 - 0 Raiders

PENALTY STORM - Papalii gives away another ten after getting lippy about the last penalty.


PENALTY STORM - Storm get a piggy back out of their own half.


SCRUM STORM - 2 tackles after the last scrum and Paulo drops the ball in a tackle.


SCRUM RAIDERS - Chambers attempt5s an intercept on his own line and knocks on.


DROP OUT STORM - Hodgsons grubber is cleaned up by Slater, who is then forced back into his own in-goal


SCRUM RAIDERS - Addo Carr fumbles the bouncing ball from a stray pass.


PENALTY STORM - Hodgson works Solomona too much in the tackle.


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith converts the try.

Storm lead Storm 8 - 0 Raiders

Try: Storm
Scored by Felise Kaufusi. Kick to come.

Smith runs left from dummy half and passes back inside to Slater who runs right and gets a pass over the top to the unmarked Kaufusi, who scores the easiest try of his career.

Storm lead Storm 6 - 0 Raiders

SCRUM STORM - Rapana passes back inside to Leilua who is tackled into touch


Penalty Goal: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith pots a penalty goal

Storm lead Storm 2 - 0 Raiders

PENALTY STORM - Raiders holding down too long, right in front, 10m from their own line.

PENALTY STORM - Raiders give away a penalty 35 seconds into the game. Storm now just inside the Raiders half with a full set.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Adam Gee, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Kasey Badger, Rohan Best

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea

Tries: Felise Kaufusi, Cameron Munster, Suliasi Vunivalu, Curtis Scott (2), Josh Addo-Carr, Nelson Asofa-Solomona
Field Goals:
Conversions: Cameron Smith (6/7)
Penalty Goals: Cameron Smith (2/2)

Tries: Iosia Soliola, Joseph Leilua
Field Goals:
Conversions: Sam Williams (1/2)
Penalty Goals: