The Late Mail: Italy v USA

Italy v United States

An unpredictable afternoon awaits in North Queensland

Italy have shifted their side around a bit. Terry Campese is ruled out again, with Tedesco moving to five-eighth, Cerruto to fullback, and Centrone coming off the bench to start on the wing. Additionally, Riethmuller is benched in favour of Walker who starts in the second row, while Christophe Calegri joins the interchange for Centrone.

The USA have similarly changed their lineup. Jonathan Alley (centre) and Nicholas Newlin (lock) drop out. Joshua Rice starts in the backline while Gabriel Farley comes in at lock. Charles Cortalano and David Ulch join the interchange.


2. Mason Cerruto 14. Chris Centrone 3. Justin Castellaro 4. Nathan Milone 5. Josh Mantellato 1. James Tedesco 7. Ryan Ghietti 8. Paul Vaughan 9. Joey Tramontana 10. Daniel Alvaro 17. Jayden Walker 12. Mark Minichiello 13. Nathan Brown 11. Joel Riethmuller 15. Brendan Santi 16. Shannon Wakeman 21. Christophe Calegri

United States

1. Corey Makelim 2. Ryan Burroughs 3. Junior Vaivai 21. Joshua Rice 5. Bureta Faraimo 6. Kristian Freed 7. Tui Samoa 8. Eddy Pettybourne 9. David Marando 10. Mark Offerdahl 11. Danny Howard 12. Matt Shipway 17. Gabriel Farley 14. Sam Tochterman-talbott 15. Fotukava Malu 18. Charles Joseph Cortalano 20. David Ulch

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